Unglazed porcelain cleaning specification


These stain resistant and hardwearing tiles are ideally suited to all intensive commercial foot traffic environments. Porcelain tiles are produced from the purest raw materials and are fired to 1280ºc, where as most traditional tiles are fired to 1000ºc.The higher kiln temperature changes the nature of the clay and causes the material to become fully vitrified. This process renders the tile impervious to water and increases strength and density. In particular there are 2 main surface finishes:

  • Matt smooth surface

  • Polished surface

It is important to ensure that the appropriate cleaning procedure and products are used for each of the above surface finishes.

Builders clean

Once the tiles have been installed and grouted, we recommend the use of Lithofin KF Cement Residue Remover to break down and remove any grout residues. Dilute 1 part of Lithofin KF Cement Residue Remover with up to 15 parts of clean water. Wet the tiles first with clean water and then apply the solution of Lithofin KF Cement Residue Remover. The use of a deck brush or scrubbing machine will assist in breaking down the residues. Finally rinse the tiled area twice using clean warm water and leave to dry.

Daily Cleaning

Lithofin FZ Conditioning Cleaner is recommended for daily use. This concentrated leaner and conditioner is added to water for a perfect streak free cleaning and conditioning finish in a single work process. Special ingredients ensure an optimum cleaning effect, at the same time conditioning the surface without forming a film. Treated surfaces become more attractive and less sensitive with continued use. Lithofin FZ Conditioning Cleaner is diluted with water (one capful to a bucket) and applied by mop and bucket or for larger areas in a scrubber/drier machine (dilution: 1 litre of water to 0.1 litre of Lithofin FZ Conditioning Cleaner).Textured, riven or profiled tiles require special attention to ensure that dirt residues are completely removed.


Lithofin FZ Intensive Cleaner should be used to carry out monthly or quarterly deep cleaning depending on the degree of soiling and foot traffic. This solvent free alkali-based special cleaner has an in-depth cleaning action, removing particular oily, greasy stains and also generally stubborn dirt. If applying by hand dilute up to 1:10 in warm water and apply and distribute with a scrubbing brush, leave for up to 20 minutes scrubbing over again several times. Do not allow the solution to dry out. Rinse the floor twice using clean warm water. A scrubber/drier machine can be used for larger areas (dilution: 0.3/0.4 litre Intensive cleaner to 10 litres of water).


Builders/initial clean: Lithofin KF Cement Residue Remover

Daily maintenance: Lithofin FZ Conditioning Cleaner

Periodic deep clean: Lithofin FZ Intensive Cleaner.


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